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The quintet consisting of Duane Ramos, Brian Velasquez, Mike Brito, Rob Padaong Jr., and Rae Rosero first came together in the late 90s when the Bay Area Asian American music scene first emerged and was brimming with talent. They’ve since performed at dozens of showcases, talent shows, and music festivals - winning various competitions along the way. 


Heavily influenced by the 90’s New Jack Swing Era and bands such as Jodeci, Dru Hill, Playa, and Boyz II Men, ComposurE is best known for their edgy style and hip-hop inspired stage presence. 


Nearly 20 years later, the bandmates and friends continue to create music and memories together. Most recently, they started a weekly video series on their social media platforms to satisfy the demand for more virtual content that was popularized due to the pandemic. The outpour of love and support from family, friends and followers encouraged them to get back in the studio to work on original music.


Currently, the group is working on an album that infuses their 90s R&B roots with a mix of current island reggae swing. Their debut single, “Slow Wine” from their upcoming album Run It Up, releases July 1, 2022 on all digital streaming platforms.

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